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Functional Medicine

"Clinically,  I incorporate the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture with the science-based, cutting edge diagnostic tools used in Functional Medicine to fully uncover the root cause of your health concerns and deliver a true integrative health experience."

Functional Medicine 

What Is Functional Medicine? 

Functional medicine is a holistic approach to medicine that focuses on discovering the root cause of illness. Its goal is to restore the human body to optimum functioning by using a true patient-centered approach to screening, diagnosis, and treatment. 

How can I support you?


Why Does Functional Medicine Work And How Is It Different From Conventional Medicine?

Functional Medicine views each patient as a unique human being whose biochemistry is influenced by genetics and their particular environment. Sleep, nutrition, stress management, relationships, genetics, and exercise are all part of your primary nutrition. 

When there is a deficiency or excess in any of these areas you may experience irregularities in your hormones, energy levels or general state of mental clarity or happiness. Functional Medicine looks at your health from a holistic perspective and aims to create balance where it may be needed.

Conventional medicine looks at health concerns and compartmentalizes the symptoms, often without addressing the root cause. Although you may get short term results to acute problems with medications, the underlying root cause and the problems causing your symptoms may not be understood or resolved.

What will happen in my first appointment?

I will spend about an hour and a half with you for your first appointment, via tele-health or in person.  I will actively listen and collect information needed to create a customized treatment plan. You’ll be asked about daily habits, prior illnesses, environmental exposures, and genetics. I may recommend specific lab tests, including blood, saliva, urine or stool, to determine how your systems are functioning. You will then be scheduled for a follow up session to review your lab work results and receive your specific treatment protocols. This may include nutritional recommendations, herbs, nutrition and formulas, exercise and stress management techniques or  botanical medicines. 

Here are just some of the lap panels we typically explore:

  • Leaky gut test

  • Hormonal panel- both male and female

  • Food allergy sensitivity test

  • DHEA

  • Adrenal function panel

  • Thyroid function

  • Toxicity panel

Are you ready to finally understand why you live with pain, limited energy, or simply don’t enjoy your life as much as you could? Do you know your health could be better?

I can help!

Call  912-266-6888 to schedule your Functional Medicine Telehealth consultation with Dr. Gabby. 




Initial Consultation/In Person or Telehealth

Our initial consultation will focus on exploring your symptoms, analyzing your health goals, and developing a plan for testing.  The follow up session will consist on reviewing your lab work and creating a protocol for your findings.

Cost: $495 (about 90 minutes)

Follow-up: $175 (up to 45 minutes)

Payment Plans Available upon Request


We use specialized testing. Working with independent labs, we offer to test for hormone levels (cortisol, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone), gut health, nutrient testing, allergies, and toxicity testing.

Some of this testing may be covered through your insurance. However, depending on your needs, some of the tests will be out of pocket. Many labs offer payment plans. 

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