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Misty Slopes


The WELLNESS ROOM was born from a desire to holistically support our veterans, teachers and all first responders to unwind from the high stress of their professions.  Our goal, through acupuncture and sound healing therapies, and other energy medicine modalities, is to relief physical tension and pain and to help calm the mind so that you can show up, in your community and home, as the best version of yourself.

We currently offer the WELLNESS ROOM every Wednesday from 4 to 7 pm and you can sign up here. 

What you will receive in the WELLNESS ROOM:

  • Acupuncture from 4-7 for your specific stress or physical pain.

  • Live sound healing from 6 to 7 pm- Before this, we will have sound therapy prerecorded and playing throughout the room.

  • Aroma therapy - to help your mind relax and leave the stress of the day behind.


We are excited to offer this more often as soon as the demand grows.  We are so excited to support you!  


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