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My personal health crisis started at the age of 3 when was diagnosed with severe asthma. At the age of 5,  I was given my last rites with double pneumonia and my family prepared for my passing.


With years of medications and antibiotics at such a young age, I was already showing signs of disharmony and weakened immunity. I became allergic to most foods and experienced stomach aches on a regular basis. My moods were erratic and my energy levels were so low that I was rarely inspired to participate in sports for most of my early childhood and teenage years.  

As fate would have it,  at the age of 6 or 7, I overheard a conversation the doctor was having with my parents. He told them that they shouldn't let me cry as this would upset me and make my asthma worse.

Wow, was that a catalyzing conversation to over hear! It planted an important seed in my awareness.  

My emotions were tied to my physical health!

As a teenager and young adult, I became interested in "big picture" ideas and I played with different food philosophies, as well as meditation and yoga.  I also loved to travel and was fascinated by how differently other people and cultures related to food and the world around them.  It would be years later until I really began to understand the vital role the energetics of nutrition play on our overall health and vitality.

Today, after twenty years of practicing integrative medicine, it seems like I was destined to do what I do.  It is my true passion to support others in transforming their health through the awareness of holistic living.

For me, it's not just about looking or feeling good on the outside. The role that food and holistic lifestyles play on every aspect of our lives is undeniable and truly transformative.

I believe that we are here to evolve on all aspects of our human experience and that we are meant to share that knowledge with others.

It is my true honor to support you in yours.

Are you ready?  

With Love,


My Philosophy


Combining Holistic Health and Acupuncture is my passion! I believe that acupuncture is so important that it should be accessible to everyone. 

For the past twenty years I've incorporated holistic nutrition as the root for good health and have added acupuncture to help people transform their lives.


But that's not all.


We will look closely at your primary source of nutrition- your emotional, spiritual, and physical health to explore where we can bring more balance.


Whether we are working one on one, or in the Community Acupuncture setting , I will be integrating Holistic Health Practices for your care.


Together, we will fine tune and incorporate different modalities that will support you in achieving your desired health goals every step of the way. 


Some of the modalities that we will incorporate into your health plan may include, but are not limited to:

  •  nutritional and lifestyle recommendations

  •  herbal, supplement and or essential oil  recommendations

  •  energy medicine

  •  healing with nature techniques

  •  acupuncture or acupressure

  •  cupping and or guasha 

  •  other modalities to give you a true holistic experience

  • recipes, book recommendations

True balanced health is an inside-out job and requires an organic relationship between practitioner and client. 

I am so excited to meet you!

With love,


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2816 Bee Rd. Savannah, GA 31404


Tel: 912-328-6444 / 312-771-3341

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