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Front Porch Community Acupuncture LLC
Savannah's Functional Medicine & Acupuncture Clinic


We practice the model of individualized, patient-centered, and science-based care and offer acupuncture, holistic nutrition consulting and functional medicine to deliver a truly integrative approach to health.  Functional Medicine  is based on finding the root cause of a health problem rather than simply treating symptoms. We work with functional labs and diagnostics to give you answers and solutions to your health concerns.  

​To learn more, visit our Functional Medicine tab above or schedule a 10 minute phone consultation at 912-226-6888

To make acupuncture accessible for everyone, we also offer membership packages that make preventative and chronic
 acupuncture care even more affordable. 
Just ask us!

Acupuncture is a holistic medical modality that restores overall movement and balance, reduces and eliminates physical and emotional pain and supports immunity and good health.  Treatments are designed for your specific needs and all sessions include nutritional and lifestyle recommendations and herbal formulas when appropriate.

No fluff, just good medicine. 

We love supporting our veterans with PTSD and pain management!  

We are also proud to announce our cosmetic acupuncture and micro-needling for facial rejuvenation services.  




My Specializations

Acupuncture is a safe medical system used for both chronic and acute pain and for internal medicine conditions such as asthma, migraines, and PTSD and is an excellent adjunct therapy for those being treated for cancer.  The specific concerns acupuncture can treat are too many to mention but the main categories are listed below:

Wondering if acupuncture can support you?  Please contact us with any questions.


I’m thrilled to have found Dr. Gabby. I had a weird shoulder/arm/finger injury from a vaccine of all things. Waited too long to be treated and was in a fair amount of discomfort. She listened and asked all the right questions. Immediate relief after our first session of acupuncture. I’m on the road to recovery and I’m so thankful that I found her. I appreciate her functional medicine background as well and feel very fortunate to have her treating me. The nap in the middle of the day is a treat all by itself!

Shannon H.

Orthopedia & Pain Management

Women’s Health

Stress & Tension

Digestion Disorders

Sleep Disorders

Hormonal Imbalance

“I was fortunate my first acupuncture experience was with Dr. Gabby, and I am sold! In my rec athlete days, I tore multiple muscles, separated my shoulder, and strained a few other things, plus I have a collagen disorder. If it weren't for Dr. Gabby LITERALLY stitching me back together, I would not be where I am today. She helped me step lightyears forward in my healing - accelerating my physical, emotional, and spiritual healing in ways I have sought for years. She guides you, but also allows you to direct the sessions so you feel yourself gaining control of your frame - further strengthening your sense of intuition. I always walk out of her treatments feeling fuller, energized, and yet calm - ready to tackle whatever task lies ahead of me. Can't recommend her enough! Thank you Dr. Gabby :)"
Bryson C.

Alexa Young, CA

"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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